The most secure real-time translation system for healthcare and the public sector!

Mabel AI’s mission is to eradicate language barriers as a cause of death and disability, globally, by 2028!

How Mabel can help your organization:

Use cases

We’re on a mission to break down language barriers in healthcare and revolutionize communication for quality care. Real-time voice-to-voice translation that works also in off-line mode, means that our product can be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Unique verification method that allows both parts to ensure that the message was conveyed correctly. 

Communication is the most important diagnostic tool in health care –  let’s make it available to everyone!


  • In-patient care

  • Out-patient care

  • Emergency ward

  • Senior homes

  • Dispensaries

  • Immigration services

  • Social services

  • Home care

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How Mabel Works

Accessible, always available, anywhere, at sea, on flights, in bomb shelters, accessible by anyone — you just need to speak, or write. Using unique in-device technology voice-to-voice translation is performed on the phone or tablet.

Our Products

In addition to our flagship product designed for physical meetings, we also offer on-premise APIs for integration with your existing online meeting infrastructure.

Mabel Translate App

Mabel Translation app is available for both iOS and Android. It offers full voice-to-voice translation either on-device or on-premise.

No conversation data is saved and no third-party API is used! This makes Mabel fully compatible with the healthcare data security requirements and GDPR.

If you do not have the capacity to host the models, we can host them for you in a data center of your choice.

We do not use your data for improving our AI!

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Mabel's on-premise API

Supercharge Your Communication with Mabel’s API for Real-Time Translation, Transcription, and Text Summaries! Perfect for digital patient meetings and text messaging, Mabel’s API revolutionizes communication processes, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Our APIs come as Docker containers with pre-loaded models, seamlessly integrating with your Kubernetes cluster. Easily add your own domain vocabulary through a user-friendly web interface.

Plus, no GPU required!

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